Alin Marin Elena's

Republic of Numbers and Letters

From Liquidation by Imre Kertész

Dying is easy
life is an enormous concentration camp
that God established here on Earth for mankind
and that man has refined further
as an annihilation camp for his own kith
Taking one’s own life amounts to
outwitting those who stand on guard
escaping deserting those who are left behind
laughing up ones sleeve
In this big Lager of life
the neither-in-nor-out neither-forward-nor-back
in this wretched world of lives held
in suspended animation where we grow decrepit
without time moving any further forward …
that is where I learned that to be rebel is
The great insubordination is
for us to live our lives to the end
and equally the big humiliation
that we owe ourselves
The sole method of suicide that is worthy
of respect is to live
to commit suicide amounts
to continuing life
starting anew everyday
living anew everyday
dying anew everyday
I don’t know how I should continue.